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I like the character design and all the graphics, giving different tone than usual art in vn. It's a promising demo, poking my mind to the character's past and the real effect of that drugs :o


I'm waiting so agonisingly patiently for this. I hope it gets all the love it deserves!

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That was SO great! I loved it! The first time through I got 7 feelings, but the second time through I got 12 and a kiss, woo! :D I love the art and the story so far. I filled out the survey so I hope I can help with the testing down the road. It seems like it's going to be an amazing game! Cheers :)

I talk about it some more in my blog:


Hello Bellannmae! Thank you for playing and filling out the player survey! I hope you enjoy the full game when it's out ^__^ Cheers and happy holidays!


This is amazing! I can't wait for the next update/full game!! I've played through all possible choices, and I love how much a difference it makes! And such beautiful art! I'min love! :D

Thank you so much for the kind comments, Ragnilth! I hope you enjoy the full game when it's out ^__^


Omg I'm looking forward to the full game!! I love this so much <3 On my first playthrough, I got 6 feelings b/c I didn't understand the choices that well :P

Hi, thank you for playing through and leaving a comment! I hope you enjoy the full game when it's out ^__^