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**DEVELOPMENT NOTICE 12/24/21** Hi! blistered/rei here (the only dev). This project is definitely a slow burn but it's still being worked on after all these years! I really appreciate all the support people have sent my way over the years. I hope when the game releases it will be a good experience.


Altea Rosata– a city of flowers– is both parts prosperous and destitute, and this prosperity and destitution brings people in droves and waves, searching for limelight...

...or a place to hide.

❦ Characters thus far–


Fox in the Hollyhocks is part one of three in the Renhunt series by skyharborr. Please download the alpha demo and enjoy this first look into the Renhunt series!

Install instructions

To run the demo, just extract the files to your preferred location and open the application called "Fox in the Hollyhocks." There is a player survey linked in-game where you can provide feedback if you wish (it will help me develop the full game and I will really appreciate it)!



Fox_in_the_Hollyhocks-0.1-all.zip 49 MB


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i need... to know... what happens... next...

I am excited to see the full version of this game, as well as the rest of the games in the "Renhunt" series. I really enjoyed the demo, and I really, REALLY want to know what happens next.


the art style is so beautiful and the music is really calming can't wait for the full version of the game ( if you're still working on it ) <3


is this game abandoned?


Hi! No, it's not abandoned. I'm the only dev working on it and it's not my full-time job to make games so progress is pretty slow is all!

I was wondering why I couldn't open the game it's probably my computer so maybe Im just writing this for no reason but I just wanted to address this if other people are hving this problem but i bet the game is so good and from the picture ive seen are so beautiful.

Hello! Do you happen to be using a mac computer? The current demo download was developed on an older version of renpy but I think newer apple operating systems might not be able to run it! I can't test it myself because I only own a windows 10 machine at the moment. Otherwise, I just downloaded it myself and it still runs on windows.


I played this and I found it really interesting! I hope to see more of it in the future!

Hello, is this game completed


Hello! No, this game is still in development. Thank you for your interest!

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I played this years ago, and remember it! It was really interesting, I hope this gets finished ♥


I don't know if this has been abandoned, but I really love this game. The characters and storytelling are amazing and everything feels so real. The art is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait for the full release!


Hello! Thank you for your comment and for your continued interest. This game is still in development! It's a bit slow, as I am a solo dev, but this is an important project to me and I will definitely see it to completion.


Hi! Thanks so much for replying! I'm glad that it's still in development. I'm excited for the day the full version comes out! Thank you for your hard work on this. :)

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I was sponsoring you online monthly but since it didn't seem like you were working on the game due to no updates for months, I canceled my sponsorship... I really want to see this game come to life and would be happy to sponsor you again if you are working on it, or I would be willing to help (for free, of course) if you need any help. (I'm a senior software engineer for an international observatory, so I could definitely help with any coding.)

This demo is just too good to not be made into a full game.


Hello! Thank you so much for reaching out to me and for your support of this game. To be perfectly honest, this game is still largely in writing stages, which tend to make for boring updates. I am still working on it but I would say, feel free to hold off on any sponsorship until updates swing into a more visual direction (art and such). Once I'm past the writing stage, progress in general should go a lot faster ^^ While I don't currently need any coding done, I'm very grateful for your offer of assistance and will keep it in mind for the future. Thank you so much for all the support you have already given me. I'm very happy that you are still looking forward to this game. If you have any more questions or comments, feel free to contact me any time at skyharborr[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the update, skyharborr! Take care and happy writing!


Do you know when the full version might come out?


Hello! Thank you for  your interest. I don't currently have an ETA for the full release (world events severely threw off my dev schedule unfortunately) but an updated demo is currently in the works :)


Ah, thank you for replying. I am so excited for the next demo, I really hope you can stick with this project. :) Stay motivated!


i loved so much the art style and the music. it helped me calm my anxiety. cant wait for the full game<3

I'm happy to hear the music helped you like that! Thank you for your kind comment.


I like the character design and all the graphics, giving different tone than usual art in vn. It's a promising demo, poking my mind to the character's past and the real effect of that drugs :o


I'm waiting so agonisingly patiently for this. I hope it gets all the love it deserves!

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That was SO great! I loved it! The first time through I got 7 feelings, but the second time through I got 12 and a kiss, woo! :D I love the art and the story so far. I filled out the survey so I hope I can help with the testing down the road. It seems like it's going to be an amazing game! Cheers :)

I talk about it some more in my blog: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/01/demos-to-keep-eye-on-1.html


Hello Bellannmae! Thank you for playing and filling out the player survey! I hope you enjoy the full game when it's out ^__^ Cheers and happy holidays!


This is amazing! I can't wait for the next update/full game!! I've played through all possible choices, and I love how much a difference it makes! And such beautiful art! I'min love! :D

Thank you so much for the kind comments, Ragnilth! I hope you enjoy the full game when it's out ^__^


Omg I'm looking forward to the full game!! I love this so much <3 On my first playthrough, I got 6 feelings b/c I didn't understand the choices that well :P

Hi, thank you for playing through and leaving a comment! I hope you enjoy the full game when it's out ^__^